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Welcome to Chillout Experiences, your place on internet for relaxing music that will allow you to find a peaceful place where to relax, meditate, think about positive facts of life and hopefully achieve major changes in your life.

Relaxing music for all situations

We have large selection of melodies, from long duration ambient music with natural sounds, short calm melodies based on specific genres, or just use them helps to communicate unique positive thoughts to light you the way out of darks periods of your life.

We believe in the power of melodies and positive thoughts as a lever to turn lives around, and help people moving up the ladder of recovering the power to control their lives and that can be only achieved with peaceful tunes.

Gulzar an arabic inspirational music for positive thoughts

Gulzar an arabic inspirational music for positive thoughts

Gulzar an arabic inspirational music for positive thoughts


Most of us, when kids, listen to that magic tales of Sinbad, Aladdin, the thief of Badgad, and how, night after night, Scheherazade was able to save her life with those same tales and I think it is why, we still feel the magic of it when listening to an Arabic inspirational music (for positive thoughts).

It is, as we we are able to lift off from our current place, and fly way in a flying carpet, in the warm sunset of the desert, baffled by the hot sand and the illusion of maybe finding ahead of us, a genie, a magic ring, a garden filled with precious stones, or just that huge flying bird the ROC.

But although we live in reality and we just traveled through our imagination in the arms of a calm an peaceful Arabic music, if we know how to look around us, we are able to find some little pieces of that fantasy world.

The strength and courage of people trying to help others around them in these times of great trouble, the thankfulness shinning in the eyes of old people that you been able to help shinning like diamond in the Aladdin´s garden. The goodness of the voluntaries in churches and non governmental organizations given food to those who had nothing, than wishes, as if they were genies making things appear in thin air.

The fantasy of tales is not only in our imagination, but also everywhere around us, you only need to start looking for it.


Gulsar by Azam Ali

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relaxing music for deep sleep

Peaceful AND Relaxing music for sleep with natural sound

Peaceful and Relaxing music for sleep with natural sound

Sometimes the best way to find sleep, is just by being near someone that is actually sleeping deeply. To hear that slightly calm sound of someone near you breathing and slightly snoring can be the best driver to find the sleep that you were looking for.

By blending a beautiful and soft lullaby , like the ones your mother or father whispered softly to your ear, when a kid, can be the best way to fell a sleep and rest for a long relaxing night, and wake up as new.


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Breathing and snoring sound effect
Author: Joseph SARDIN

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relaxing music for deep sleep

urban lullaby, short relaxing music for stress relief and sleep

urban lullaby, short relaxing music for stress relief and sleep

Modern lullabies can be a good source of relaxation because they blend the nostalgy of old times when being song beautiful lullaby by your parent, but at the same with a modern touch to it.

This small video includes a modern lullaby to help relaxing when trying to find sleep.

Music by

Jimmy Fontanez/Doug Maxwell

The Sun through the leaves. relaxing sleep music meditation music stress relief

The Sun through the leaves. relaxing sleep music meditation music stress relief

Have you ever gone into the forest an look through the ceiling of leaves?
The mistery is in the air, the soft sound of the leaves whispering through the air, while the sunlight trembles at the pace of the ensemble. With this relaxing sleep music meditation music, stress relief is something that will occur naturally as the melody is able to take you through leaves and get immersed in the sunrays dropping out from this green natural sky.

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