Richard Kuo on self esteem | Self Esteem Series #10

Richard Kuo is a motivational speaker from the united states who helps students to improve theirs self esteem, he even hold a really interesting TED Talk and he also has a great Youtube Channel. I have not often seen such a kind person as he is. He has some great answers on how to improve your self esteem which can really help you! Enjoy watching. Also sry for the crappy quality on my side.

Richard`s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTZG9stLQHZVONXR3RjgHyw

This channel is about a journey and solving problems.
When you are 16-24 you are probably going through the same shit. Digging deep into important issues: Find your Passion, Confidence, Relationships, Self-Discipline

I am just a 19 year old dude who had luck to find his passion in learning things and figuring out the simplest and fastest ways to to achieve that. I am no guru, no teacher or some other hypocrite who thinks he is better or more intelligent. I am normal.
The only thing I can give you are the experiences and insights I had the last five years and to take you with me on my journey. You can decide for yourself how you think about them.

Enjoy my videos and I hope you find insights for yourself too!

Love&Peace, Mike

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